what we’re doing

Simplex is a fintech / cyber-security company, focused on fraud prevention in online payments. Simplex is facilitating fraudless credit card payments for goods and services sold online – guaranteeing no fraud chargebacks for the merchant.

We’ve succeeded in creating a super-easy integration process, that encapsulates our proprietary advanced AI algorithms, allowing you to facilitate our unique expertise and years-long experience.

where we’re going

Simplex is creating a world without fraud, a fix to a broken system in online payments.

our secret sauce

When it comes to handling online payments and guaranteeing security, there are no shortcuts. Our team has years of extensive experience in payment fraud mitigation, combined with advanced technologies implement to serve the cause. This deep experience puts Simplex in a unique position to provide a solution that will offer businesses a truly risk-free environment for online payments.


who we are

Nimrod Lehavi, Simplex CEO

Nimrod Lehavi CEO

Hacker, maker, bookworm, geek, serial entrepreneur.
Simplex founder Nimrod Lehavi’s career spans two decades of expertise and knowledge. He’s well-respected in Israel’s startup scene for his proven capabilities at leading large scale top notch software projects. Nimrod is a board member at the Israeli Bitcoin Association and a co-founder of GeekCon, the annual un-conference for “Hacking the Digital Lifestyle”.
Nimrod holds a BA in computer science from IDC Herzliya, Israel.

Erez Shapira, Simplex CTO

Erez Shapira CTO

Co-founder Erez Shapira brings to Simplex extensive hands-on experience as a developer and team leader working on developing fraud detection and decision making systems at both PayPal and the IDF’s intelligence corp. A seasoned leader, Erez drives the tech team to uncompromising excellence.

Erez holds a B.A. in Computer Sciences and Economics From Bar-Ilan University, and a MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

Netanel Kabala CRO

Netanel Kabala CRO

A specialist in all aspects of fraud, risk and decision-making systems, co-founder Netanel Kabala provides Simplex with essential experience from the world of digital finance.

Before Simplex, Netanel worked for PayPal as a fraud analyst, team and group leader, dealing both with back-end automation and user-facing risk platforms. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Management, and an MBA, both from Tel-Aviv University.

anti-fraud champ? financial savvy? WE WANT YOU!

If you, like us, are passionate about fighting fraud, Simplex is the team to join. We’re combining three trending industries – ecommerce, fraud and security – into one company, with the vision of changing the way payments are done and making them safe for everyone.

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